EAs FIFA Street 3 Turns Global Soccer Icons into Action Heroes for the Nintendo DS

December 6, 2007

Street 3 Turns Global Soccer Icons into Action Heroes for the Nintendo DS

Intuitive, New Touch Skills Control System
Uses Stylus to Perform Over-the-Top Moves

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that FIFA
Street 3 is in development for the Nintendo DS. The newest iteration of the
street soccer arcade series will debut on the Nintendo DS with a new look that
turns the game’s global soccer icons into stylized action heroes. This game
features an intuitive Touch Screen control system using the stylus that enables
you to easily perform over-the-top trick moves, passes and shots. FIFA Street 3
is scheduled to ship to stores under the EA SPORTS BIG brand on February 15th,
2008 in Europe and February 19th in North America, the same time the game
becomes available on the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3.

FIFA Street 3 creates a fast-paced and
larger-than-life arcade soccer experience which places the game’s biggest stars
in exotic locales around the world. Featuring the world’s best players
representing 18 of the top international teams, each player has been rendered
into a stylized caricature with heroic qualities.

With the all new FIFA Street 3 Touch Screen
control scheme you can control all aspects of your team’s performance from
passing and shooting to more advanced moves like juggling, headers and bicycle
kicks .Use the stylus and simple button controls to seamlessly combine moves
together between players to execute rewarding combos – providing you with tons
of different ways to showcase your street skills. Fill up your Gamebreaker bar
and trigger Touch Screen controlled team trick moments to increase your chances
of scoring a goal.

FIFA Street 3 on the Nintendo DS features an
exclusive mini-game called Kick Ups that will challenge you to keep the ball in
the air and test your ball juggling skills.

Build your team around your favorite player in
Street Challenge Mode, and then take them from Pretender to Legendary status by
completing challenges, developing Team Chemistry, improving your Reputation and
unlocking balls, kits and a few surprises. Take your team to the urban
playgrounds of South America, the rooftops in Asia, the streets of Europe, or a
special location in Africa exclusive to the Nintendo DS.

Take your soccer heroes to the streets and
experience the revolution in street soccer. FIFA Street 3 is rated “E” for
Everyone and 3+ by PEGI.