EA Opens Victory Games Studio to Make New Command & Conquer

EA recently launched a website for a new developer called Victory Games. Though the site has reverted to its blank status, EA Los Angeles head Jon Van Canegham stated that his branch’s focus was currently on the Command & Conquer franchise and expressed his exciting about working on a AAA C&C game. According to reports, Victory Games will be headed by Van Canegham, so it’s safe to assume that this new subsidiary will be handling Command & Conquer from here on out.

Further statements from Van Canegham clarified the role of Victory Games as the new developer for the Command & Conquer series: “We’re not just working on a game, though. Our general focus is on the future of Command & Conquer.” He went on to say, “That means updating a lot of the core technology to create a stable base for future development, and leveraging that work on this first game.”

Nothing else was said about Command & Conquer or even Victory Games, though all signs point to this new EA branch taking over the series and churning out the next installment in the real-time strategy franchise.


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