EA iOS Sale Includes Dead Space, NBA Jam

The weekend is sure to be packed with some great sales, but EA’s iOS sale should cover you if you’re looking for some gaming on the go. The sale features many of their big hits on the platform, with both iPhone/iPod and iPad versions available.

The full list of sale games and prices can be found below:

NBA Jam – $0.99 (iPhone/iPad)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – $0.99 (iPhone/iPad)
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – $0.99 (iPhone/iPad)
Reckless Racing HD – $0.99 (iPad only)
SimCity Deluxe – $0.99 (iPad only)
Dead Space – $2.99 (iPhone/iPad)
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12 – $2.99 (iPad only)

NBA Jam and Hot Pursuit seem to be the winners there, though Dead Space is pretty great, as well. Of course, you also have to like these sort of big budget console-y games on a touch screen. Dead Space is probably the biggest offender here, shoehorning the Dead Space 1 and 2 experience onto the platform with mixed success.

NBA Jam does the virtual controller thing that can be a deal breaker for many. Hot Pursuit is the closest to a typical iOS experience, using tilt controls for steering. Either way, they’ll all well worth the discount price.

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