Ea And Crytek Launches Crysis Warhead In North America And Europe

September 16, 2008


The Next Installment of the
Award-Winning Crysis Franchise Arrives At Retail Stores This Week

Electronic Arts Inc.and Crytek GmbH
announced today that Crysis Warhead®, the next installment in the award-winning
Crysis® franchise, has shipped to retailers in North America and Europe and will
hit store shelves and participating digital download services starting September
18, 2008 exclusively for the PC. Containing a new single player campaign
featuring Crytek’s trademark open-ended gameplay and stunning visuals along with
Crysis Wars®, the exciting new multiplayer suite for the Crysis universe, Crysis
Warhead is a tremendous value at only $29.99 and does not require the original
Crysis to play.

“The launch of Crysis Warhead marks
a significant milestone for the entire Crytek family,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO and
President of Crytek. “The team at Crytek Hungary has delivered a dynamic and
intense single player experience more than worthy of the Crysis franchise, while
the multiplayer team in Frankfurt has revisited and extended multiplayer in the
Crysis universe with Crysis Wars. They are both great representations of our
studio’s core values of technical excellence, craftsmanship and quality.”

“Crytek is a world-class partner and
quickly becoming one of the most formidable independent developers in the
industry,” said David DeMartini, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA
Partners. “Crysis was one of the best games of last year and we are thrilled to
have the opportunity to bring Crysis Warhead, a game that actually improves upon
Crysis’ core experience, to the largest possible audience on a global stage.”

Crysis Warhead takes place alongside
the events of last year’s critical hit, with players experiencing the explosive
battles against waves of challenging enemies on the other side of the island
through the eyes and nanosuit of the bold and aggressive Sergeant “Psycho”
Sykes. Crysis Wars features 21 maps and three diverse multiplayer modes,
including InstantAction, frenetic deathmatch enhanced by the power of the
nanosuit, PowerStruggle, a hardcore team-based mode and introducing
TeamInstantAction, a mix of fast-paced action in a team-based environment. Both
are built on Crytek’s award-winning CryENGINE 2, optimized now to deliver the
high-fidelity graphics Crytek is known for with an improvement in performance
across a wide range of PCs.

Crysis Warhead has been rated ‘M’
for Mature by the ESRB and ‘16+’ by PEGI. For more information about the game,
please visit