EA waiting to commit to Nintendo Switch

It's just too soon.

EA recently brought FIFA 18 to the Nintendo Switch, but it looks like the developer and publisher is in no rush to bring more games to Nintendo’s hybrid device. According to EA’s finance chief, Blake Jorgenson in an interview with Wall Street Journal, EA will be waiting a full year before deciding on whether or not they will be committing to the Nintendo Switch.

Jorgenson went on to say that it was simply too soon to know how successful FIFA 18’s release was on the Switch and that EA wants to “fully understand what the demand is” before they look into committing more resources to bringing games to the device.

Alternatively, the Nintendo Switch has been selling fairly well. The NPD has announced that the device sold 2 million units in North America alone after being available to consumers for seven months. Third-party data from another source revealed that the Switch has been selling better in North America than the PS4 and Xbox did year over year.

The demand for the Switch is apparent, but not necessarily what genre Switch users are looking for.