EA to reveal six new games at E3

Developer/publisher conglomerate EA Games has plans to reveal six new games at E3 as part of its "EA World Premiere" media briefing. The announcement was made through Geoff Keighley as he highlighted that those unable to attend can tune in to the live conference on Spike TV on June 9.

Neither Keighley nor EA have announced exactly what games are going to be shown, but I think we can make some educated guesses based on what we already know. 

For starters, we already know Maxis plans on showing off The Sims 4. It can also be assumed that EA will also bring Star Wars: Battlefront in some way, shape, or form. Earlier this month, the publisher said development on the new Star Wars game is "coming along very, very well." An update on the game's progress would be nice since all we have to go by is the 15-or-so second teaser from last year's E3.Maybe Visceral and BioWare will also tease their heavily rumored Star Wars games. And, of course, other things we can expect are EA's sports titles; Madden, FIFA, NBA LIVE, and UFC are all pretty much sure things.

The point is, EA has quite an array of options and, once again, their media briefing could prove to be one of the more exciting of this year's E3.