EA straps a cheetah to SimCity’s back

Cheetah speed is back in SimCity, according to an update on EA's Facebook page.

"Yes, it's true — we've recently brought back Cheetah Speed," they told fans. Cheetah speed, or the fastest sim speed in the game, was removed shortly after launch, along with a few other "non-critical" gameplay features, in order to help stabilize SimCity's servers. Now that the server issues appear to be fixed, Maxis is working towards fixing additional gameplay bugs and tweaking gameplay settings.

Maxis also reaffirmed that they are working on update 2.0, "so stay tuned for more info." Last month Maxis highlighted a few incoming fixes that will go live with the 2.0 update. Some of the key improvements include fixing the Recycling Center bug, fixing fire engine clumping, improving the efficiency of Street Cars, and increasing the radius of river water. It will also make Casinos more profitable.

SimCity has received mixed reviews since its launch, with many criticizing the game's always-on requirement. Now that these issues are a thing of the past, we can focus on what really counts — the gameplay.