EA’s E3 conference to include new Criterion game, Mirror’s Edge 2 details

The updated schedule for Spike’s All Access Live stream of E3 has confirmed that a new game from Criterion, the makers of many Burnout and Need for Speed titles, and an update on Mirror’s Edge 2 will be among the six new games EA is set to reveal.

A new racing IP from Criterion is probable given the studio’s history of burning rubber, but other genres aren’t out of the question. BLACK, for example, proved to be a popular shooter of the PS2/Xbox age and could serve as a springboard for a new shooter.

Mirror’s Edge 2, on the other hand, could do with any details at all. The game was given a scant 70 seconds of limelight at E3 2013, concluding with arguably the vaguest release date ever given—“when it’s ready.” However, we do know that the sequel will retain the striking, sterile aesthetic of the original as well as its first-person perspective. The most radical change revealed thus far is the shift to an open-world design rather than the original’s narrative-clad, parkour-ridden corridors.

[via Polygon]

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