EA makes Titanfall 2 on EA Access and Origins Access

Get ready pilot...

Titanfall 2, widely considered to be one of the best shooters of last year, possibly "the" best had it not been for Overwatch, is now included within EA Games' vault, thus making it free to play for those subscribed to EA Access for Xbox One or Origins Access for PC.

EA's been steadily adding games to the "all access" vault, with the recently added Oxenfree and FIFA 17. Earlier this month, EA did announce that its two biggest shooters, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1, were headed to the Access vault, we just had no idea that one of those two would drop the same month.

This is great news for those who already have a plan with EA and haven't already played Titanfall 2, which got the short end of the stick in regards to its release date last year. Being directly in the middle, by one week on each side, of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty, made their release a little softer than most of us expected.

Despite selling far fewer copies than Battlefield, the team at Respawn have been busy delivering free content since the game released, with new Titans, maps, skins and more. Just last week, Respawn released a new 4-player co-op mode and two new maps (one of which is a remaster from Titanfall 1), all for free.

EA Access (Xbox One) and Origins Access (PC) is a subscription service not unlike Netflix. You pay a flat fee of either $4.99 a month or just $29.99 a year and you receive access to a ton of games within EA's vault. Some games including aside from those mentioned above are; Sims 4, Need for Speed (2016), Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront (including DLC) and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Still no word on when to expect Battlefield 1, but with rumored new content on the way, it could be sooner, than later.