EA is no longer the worst company in America

Congratulations, Electronic Arts. You are no longer the worst company in America. The video game publisher/developer, and winner (or loser?) of the Consumerist's past two "Worst Company in America" brackets, has been knocked out of the competition by Time Warner Cable. Rightfully so too. 

Time Warner Cable received 51.2% of the votes for worst company, with Ea getting 48.8%. So round two will now consist of Time Warner Cable versus Koch Industries. Voting is still underway for the first round, but so far Walmart, Bank of America, American Airlines, McDonalds, and Verizon are among the round two participants. So good job to them.

Personally, I never believed EA to be the "worst" company in America. Butchering a few video game franchises isn't enough to warrant that title in my opinion, especially compared to some of the other evil things done by corporations in the United States. Looks like that open letter to fans by EA COO Peter Moore actually worked.