EA Developing for Xbox 720 and PS4? Lists Games as ‘Next Gen’

Today's next-gen Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 rumors swirl around game developer and publisher EA Sports.

One of the largest sports publishers and developers has begun listing its games as "Next Gen", along with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  "NXG" has begun appearing next to titles like FIFA 12, Battlefield 3, FIFA Manager 12, and a fewmore games on the EA Press site.

This could mean a few things.  The first is that a next-gen Xbox or PlayStation is closer than we all thought.  The fact that EA is putting the next-gen abbreviation next to titles that are already out, and have been for a while, could possibly mean they plan on porting them to the new consoles.  This could confirm that next-gen consoles could become available in 2012 or 2013.  Any later than that and it wouldn't make sense for EA to port the games to the new consoles because they would be too old.

FIFA Street currently has the "Next Gen" appear below the game along with a new press release from November 24, 2011.

Currently, for certain titles when you click on the NXG next to the title of the game it reads, "More information to follow".

Of course, this is all speculation and this could be nothign more than EA gearing up for an eventual next-gen console.  It also could mean that next-gen consoles may not be called the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 at all.  It's not like they are being specific in which "next-gen" console it will be for.