EA, BioWare says Mass Effect 3 pre-orders have ‘exceeded expectations’

Mass Effect 3 is on track to be an enormous game, and we're not even talking about its immersive single-player campaign. According to EA and BioWare, Mass Effect 3's pre-orders have "exceeded expectations" set months before the game went gold.

"Currently our pre-orders have broken the targets set, we are well ahead of where we were at the same point with Mass Effect 2 and we have all of the platforms aligned for launch, which is a first for the Mass Effect franchise," Product Manager Will Graham stated in an interview with MCV.

Graham also added that the game's strong marketing campaign, along with its highly anticipated demo, have played vital roles in its success thus far. Despite the series' transition towards a more action-RPG approach, hardcore fans have stayed true to the company, while newcomers have enjoyed the widespread galactic battles. 

Though it may be impossible to pinpoint the exact number of gamers that will rush out March 6 to pick up their copy, the current number reveal that EA and BioWare have a blockbuster hit on their hands that will be entertaining us for quite some time. 

Source: [MCV]