E3 Returns to LA from June 5-7 2012

It has been confirmed that E3 is returning to Los Angeles next year. This is contradictory to previous rumors that the video game industry event would be moved from Downtown LA in the near future. Obviously, nothing was set in stone at the time, but gamers were already hoping the media event would hit their neck of the woods soon. Sorry, folks.

According to the ESA, this year’s E3 “contributed more than an estimated $25 million to the city of Los Angeles.” That’s a lot of green, no doubt. And while certain individuals may argue that a city like LA doesn’t need revenue from another source, the LA Convention Center is definitely a great place for the event. I mean, it just feels like the E3 home.

Joystiq reports that reliable sources have confirmed the presence of E3 in the LA Convention Center “for at least the next several years.” So it looks like the current location of the major gaming event will remain unchanged for quite some time. After having experienced the thrill of E3 before and sadly missing my opportunity to attend this year, you can bet I’m glad to see the event returning. And I’ll be more than happy to make the 45-minute drive next year to Downtown LA.

Did you attend E3 this year? Where did you come from? Are you looking forward to coming back next year?