E3 News from Australia Games


Games Created “Down Under” Now
Made for Every Platform!

(Los Angeles, CA) – May 11, 2005 –
The Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA), Australia’s governing body
for the Australian video game industry, in conjunction with the support of the
Australian Trade Commission, Brisbane City Council, City of Melbourne,
Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Invest
Australia, New South Wales Government, Queensland Government, ScreenACT, South
Australian Government, Velocity Brisbane, Victorian Government and the Western
Australian Government, is extending an invitation to show attendees and media
alike to stop by its booth (West Hall, booth #2240) at this year’s E3 Expo as it
will be showing off a number of new and exciting titles for wireless and
handheld platforms, which have been developed in Australia by Australian

Some of the games include:

Payload – Tantalus
– Platform: N-Gage

Set in the distant future, players
are members of courier teams hired to transport the precious crystalline mineral
fuel source. As the players make their way to their goal, they will encounter
gangs of marauders and rival teams, all attempting to steal their payload. Only
successful runs will earn the cash and kudos required to progress through to the
more challenging levels.

First Eleven Soccer
Firemint www.firemint.com 
– Platform: Mobile Phones

First Eleven Soccer is a fast paced,
full field soccer game that brings the excitement of the real game to your
mobile phone.

Australian F1 Superboat Series
– Global Wireless Entertainment
  – Platform: Mobile Phones

Australian F1 Superboat Series is a
Mobile Powerboat Racing Game that allows players to discover the excitement and
speed of the F1 Boats in this fast and furious mobile game.

Australian Safari – Global
Wireless Entertainment www.gwe.com 
– Platform: Mobile Phones

Australian Safari is a Mobile Racing
Game featured in the outback of Australia in what has become the toughest 4WD
and bike rally in the world.

Targa Tasmania – Global
Wireless Entertainment www.gwe.com 
– Platform: Mobile Phones

Targa Tasmania, is 5 days of racing
the actual event competing against the Targa assigned time for each of the 3
cars: Historic, Classic, and Modern. With ever changing scenery and conditions
in this realistic Targa Rally, Targa Tasmania is the ultimate Wireless Racing

Peter Brock Racing – Extreme OZ
– Global Wireless Entertainment
www.gwe.com  – Platform:
Mobile Phones

Peter Brock Racing – Extreme Oz
Racing, is a wireless 4WD off-road racing game. Get behind the wheel and race
Peter Brock in real time on the track that made him famous: Mt Panorama at

Fuzz and Rocket – Halfbrick
www.halfbrick.com  –
Platform: GBA

Fuzz and Rocket is an original,
immersive 2D centering around the main characters, Fuzz and his sidekick,
Rocket, as they battle the mysterious Evil Mask for the minds of their friends
and the future of their world.

WarMonster:Online –Wicked
Witch Software
  – Platform: Mobile Phones

WarMonster:Online for Wireless, in
the tradition of WarCraft and Ultima Online, is a massively multiplayer online
role playing game (mmorpg) for mobile phones! Online players are able to run,
chat, fight and trade together right on their screen. See groups of online
players run past as you journey through open fields, towns, cities, dungeons,
magic ancient forests and more, all in real-time! As game play progresses,
player’s characters slowly become more experienced, stronger, and are able to
perform more actions such as use weapons and cast magic, all depending on what
the player has achieved and the items they have collected!

For more information about other
titles coming out of Australia at the 2005 E3 show, see the GDAA virtual press
kit on www.e3expo.com 

About the Game Developers’
Association of Australia

The Game Developers’ Association of
Australia (GDAA) was established in December 1999 and comprises Corporate
Members from game development companies and educational institutions, Associate
Corporate Members (in service sectors that support the industry), individuals,
and students. Current membership includes companies and institutions from all
over Australia and the United States. The main purpose of the GDAA is to promote
the growth of the Australian electronic game industry both domestically and
internationally in order to: attract capital and publishers from offshore,
retain and attract talent in our local industry, and promote a sense of
community within the industry. For more information about the GDAA, visit their
website at: www.gdaa.com.au