E3 2009 Press Conferences

E3 2009 Press Conferences

GameZone will be attending all the press conferences and we
will be posting all the announcements
as soon as we receive the information.  Check back often since we will be
updating you with all the information throughout the show.


Microsoft – June 1st – 10:30AM PST

 Xbox Unveils Entertainment Experiences That Put Everyone Centre Stage

Microsoft E3 Line-up:

Xbox 360 Primes Every Passion With Games That Rock, Race and Sizzle


Electronic Arts – June 1st – 2:00PM PST

EA Partners and Crytek Announce Deal Extension for Multiplatform
Development of Crysis 2

EA Joins Forces With Realtime Worlds for All Points Bulletin

EA Enters the Mixed Martial Arts Cage with EA SPORTS MMA

– June 1st – 5:00PM PST

Ubisoft Partners with Paramount Digital Entertainment on Video Game for Tintin

Ubisoft To Publish No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle


Nintendo – June 2nd – 9:00AM PST

Nintendo E3 Announcements


Sony – June 2nd – 11:00AM PST

PSPgo to Hit the Worldwide Market This Fall

PlayStation Network Expands Digital Offering with a Variety of

SCEA Further Boosts its Support for Software
Development for PSP

SCEA an Unparalleled Software Line Up, Launch of
the PSP Go System, and New Services for PSP and PlayStation
Network at E3 2009

Sony Relentless Lineup of Exclusive Software
During E3 Media & Business Summit 2009




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