E3 2017: Horizon: Zero Dawn reveals story expansion called The Frozen Wilds

The adventures of Aloy are far from over.

Horizon: Zero Dawn currently stands as the PS4’s best exclusive of 2017, and there’s even a case to be made for Game of the Year, so it’s fortunate that developer Guerrilla Games isn’t done adding to the game. Horizon: Zero Dawn will be getting a story expansion called The Frozen Wilds, and it looks huge.

Here's the reveal trailer:

The trailer begins with the words "few dare trespass here," indicating that the expansion will be taking us to an all new region; a snowy one at that. As you might expect, it looks absolutely beautiful.

Guerrilla's Managing Director, Hermen Hulst had previously mentioned that the studio was already hard at work on an expansion, although admittedly, it is surprising to see them have something so substantial ready to reveal this soon. Regardless, it looks fantastic, and we’ll take it!

Horizon: Zero Dawn is available now exclusively on PS4 and is currently discounted on PSN’s Days of Play sale for $39.99.