E3 2016: Watch Dogs 2 sets Marcus Holloway loose in San Fran

What Easter eggs can we expect in this one?

Watch Dogs 2 was finally revealed officially last week after suffering more leaks than Ubisoft would like to remember. Our protagonist this time around is not Aiden Pierce, but rather Marcus Holloway. After being falsely accused of a crime Marcus and Deadsec join forces to hack back at the those responsible for his accusal. A number of special Collector's Edtions, several even including an actual working robot, were also revealed. 

With its release upcoming on November 15th and the reveal trailer already provided last week, there wasn't much to go on coming up during today's E3 event. On stage earlier today, Ubisoft announced some new information about the game. It's expanded online will include a new co-op mode where multiple players can team up in order to take another enemy down, and there will also be new game modes with different objectives, unlike Watch Dogs 1 which only featured a basic "find and hack" or "find and tail" hacking modes. 

In the mission seen above, Marcus and his Dedsec allies infiltrate the home of a social media mogul. In this mission, Dedsec is looking to expose the CEO of popular social media platform, !NViTE, who is using the citizens’ personal data to engineer a corrupt voting process.

Watch Dogs 2 releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC November 15th, 2016 with all DLC 30 days early on PS4