E3 2016: Telltale’s The Walking Dead season 3 details revealed, will continue Clementine storyline

Season 3 begins this Fall

Telltale has finally unveiled the future of one of its most beloved series — The Walking Dead. Many fans were left with a big cliffhanger in Season 2, but, we now know that season 3 will continue the story with one of their most likable characters in any Telltale franchise — Clementine.
That is right, Clementine is set to make a return in season 3 for The Walking Dead. Not much have been shown beside a new trailer, showcasing a teenager Clementine head shooting a zombie. Season 3 is now caught up with the timeline in the comics giving the team an extra layer of depth to connect with the rich Walking Dead lore.
In the trailer, we see someone with Clem, that would be Javier, which is a pivotal character in the new story. He's been through a lot and seen some stuff. Both characters share common interests and common enemies. In addition, it has also been confirmed that players will play as both characters — Clem and Javier.
The Walking Dead Season 3 is set to debut this Fall for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.