E3 2016: Sony Bend reveals new post-apocalyptic game — Days Gone

Bend Studio is back!

Sony's Bend Studio has finally lifted the veil on its new game, giving players a good chunk of information on the title — Days Gone.
The video above is a 10-minute long gameplay demo of Days Gone, the post-apocalyptic title. In the demo, we see our unnamed protagonist taking out hordes of zombies. Not much detail has been given on how these zombies came to be and what stage of the apocalypse we are in, but it seems a decent amount in judging from a number of zombies.
Earlier this year, a trademark was filed Dead Don’t Ride, many of which believed that it would soon enough be announced as Bend Studio's new project. Well, there wrong; the new game is another trademarked game Days Gone. Bend Studio has been quiet for the past 5 years, making the last game they developed Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
Days Gone is set to release exclusively for PS4.