E3 2016: Sasha Banks to be part of WWE 2K17 roster

Some would say a year too late...

2K Sports has announced the first three WWE superstars that will be included in WWE 2K17 via an art form. 

The first three names include 15-time WWE world heavyweight champion John Cena, WWE Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior and yes, you guessed it, Sasha Banks!

This will be the first WWE video game that Sasha Banks has been a part of since she signed for the company in 2010. 

It was announced a few weeks ago that artist Rob Schamberger would be working in front of WWE fans at E3, painting each playable character that will be available in 2K Sports' upcoming video game. 

Check it out:

When WWE 2K16 was being revealed this time last year, WWE fans were very vocal in requesting more women's wrestlers or 'Divas' as they were known at the time, until the company retired that label. 

This announcement is a sign that 2K Sports has listened to the fans that wanted more equal representation in the game and have made amendments this time around. 

It is unknown as to whether or not the upcoming game will include a My Career mode for women's wrestlers, so we shall have to wait for the official game reveal.  

Which of these wrestlers are you most excited to see in WWE 2K17?