E3 2016: Playstation reveals the new ‘God of War’

Looks like Kratos will start fighting on the side of Asgard.

Last April, a possibility for the next God of War game surfaced that famed bloodthirsty warrior, Kratos, would be moving on from the well known Greek mythology and taking the Blades of Chaos to the world of Norse myth. The news emerged from a leak of concept art that seems to show Kratos in more traditional viking garb and the supposed environment he'll be featured in, which points to the concept of nine seperate universal realms.

While most were pretty certain the new game, entitled only as 'God of War', would be featured at this year's E3, it seems those rumors were justified. The Playstation presentation showed us a brand new GoW adventure that follows in the same vein as the originals, but focuses on an entirely new story. Kratos is now older and weathered, but raising a son in Norway. The game plans an entirely new visual gaming experience including new monsters, enemies, and weapons to defend your livelihood against the ancient forces of darkness.