E3 2016: Halo Wars 2 detailed, Open Beta available now

Don’t wait to get in on Halo Wars 2, download it right now!

Halo Wars 2 was seemingly pushed to the side from E3 2015 last year and was instead revealed in Germany at Gamescom 2015. Not this year. Microsoft used the upcoming Sci-Fi Strategy game as a pillar of their presentation during their E3 2016 Press Conference and it didn’t disappoint. 
The developers took to the stage to deliver a new gameplay trailer that you can check out above
The game looks and runs smoothly on current gen platforms and performs just as intuitively as the first. It’s incredible how well complex Strategy game control schemes can translate to controllers.
Artwork for Halo Wars 2 leaked not that long ago showcasing a few spoilers, including the Ark. Looks like the leaks were accurate as we can pretty much peg that the game will take place around the events of Halo 5. Also, as previously leaked, Microsoft announced that Halo Wars 2 is getting an Open Beta which begins today and runs for the next week.
Halo Wars 2 will launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 on (Insert release date).