E3 2016: Friday the 13th gameplay revealed, watch Jason brutally kill some teenagers

Games looking pretty good for Alpha gameplay

Gun Media's latest game — Friday the 13th: The Game, has just received some official gameplay thanks to a stream held by some of the developers. 
In the video above, we see the new Friday the 13th game running, which actually looks pretty good for alpha footage. The developers showed off some of Jason features like his super hearing ability, and his ability to see through cabins & the woods when noises are made.
In addition, we also got to see some of the brutal takedowns Jason will do if he manages to catch you. Like the classic movies, the group of teenagers must run from Jason trying to take him down, before he takes them down. The asymmetrical gameplay works really well for a game like this, check out the gameplay above.
Friday the 13th was successfully Kickstarted last year, giving Gun Media the money to create what could potentially be one of the best horror multiplayer games to date. No news on when the game is heading to retail, but it's nice to see it finally in action.
What do you think of Jason's brutal moves? Let us know in the comments below!