E3 2014: Mirror’s Edge 2 gets new details: The city, combat and Faith

In a much-needed follow-up to last year’s brief reveal, DICE today released a new round of details for Mirror’s Edge 2.

The game’s iconic heroine, Faith, was the subject of much discussion this time around. DICE staff describe her physicality and movement as a contrast to the conformist city the game is set in, and explained that her character defines much of the game.

With regards to combat, “she hits quick, fast and hard and then she moves on” in order to keep the game’s flow unbroken. And of course, the first-person and parkour-infused title will retain its focus on mastering the environment.

“Everything is geared toward traversing,” DICE said. “You know you can get there, but how.” The striking, sterile aesthetic of the original will also return for the sequel, allowing highlighted objects to guide the player through levels, but leaving skilled players to create paths of their own.

DICE and EA are promising more varied gameplay and a more varied experience from Mirror’s Edge 2, but have yet to back things up with a release date. Fortunately, the game’s newest trailer does the talking for it.