E3 2013: Super Mario 3D World is coming to the Wii U

During Nintendo's E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast,they announced that Super Mario 3D World will be releasing for the Wii U. That's the 3D Mario game that Nintendo has been referencing for the Wii U for some time now.

Super Mario 3D World will support four players who play as Mario, Toad, Luigi and Princess Peach. All four of the characters have unique traits — Princess Peach can float briefly in mid-air, Toad is faster, Luigi can jump higher. The touchscreen will also be used to find hidden objects.

Nintendo also revealed new costumes for the characters — the Cat Suit. When Mario gets a gold bell, he will transform into a cat, gaining the ability to pounce on enemies and scale walls or poles. Super Mario 3D World will launch this December.

More on this later…

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