[E-sports dail-E] – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ryu Changes and B.net North Am Invitationals – 8/13

Sort of a short Dail-E today, folks, but still some big news. Let’s get down to it, shall we?


SC2 News: Dignitas.Select wins Battle.net Invitationals – Terran Dominance

The Battle.net Invitationals took place over the last couple of days, and, as will probably be no surprise to anyone who’s been following competitive Starcraft – A Terran player took the championship. Dignitas.Select went through the entire tournament losing only one set in the grand finals to Liquid’Sheth, a Zerg player who’s relatively new to the Starcraft scene. This marks the third Battle.net Invitational in a row that a Terran player has taken the top slot, something that Blizzard should probably take notice of and prepare to retune during the development of Heart of the Swarm (the first expansion to Blizzard’s very successful Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty) due out in 2012. SeleCT will join Liquid’Sheth, Liquid’RET, NaNiWa, SixJaxTerran, dKiller and the top 2 from the Asian Battle.net invitational(which will be played August 27, 2011) at Blizzcon in Anaheim, California on October 21 and 22nd.

For those of you who missed any of the action, you can head over to the Blizzcon site and watch all of the VoDs free of charge. Be sure to watch the whole tournament, some nail biting matches, especially the 3rd match of the second set of the Grand Finals – a forty minute match that had me yelling at my screen on the edge of my seat.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Ryu Changes/Analysis

Ryu has long been criticized in Marvel vs Capcom 3 as being a less useful version of Akuma. He currently has virtually the same moveset, a less versatile Shinkuu Hadoken as it’s very prone to missing opponents since you can control the direction you fire it, as well as having only a slight health advantage. It leads many players comfortable with the so-called Shoto style of character (a character focused around projectiles and anti-air uppercuts) to choose Akuma in most situations. However, the changes that Capcom is making in Ultimate will make Ryu more of a utility character and have the potential to change the meta game up quite a bit.

• New Power-up hyper: D,D+PP (Down, Down + Any two attack buttons)
o Gives his specials and hypers new properties
o Hadouken gains tons of projectile durability (Can pass through and cancel out other projectiles)
o Power-up remains on his assists when he’s tagged out
o Powered-up Shinkuu Hadoken can reflect off of walls

• Chargeable shoryuken and hadouken QCF (Quarter circle forward) or DP(Dragon Punch motion) +Hold Strong
o Fully-charged hadouken travels full-screen instantly/invisibly
o Fully-charged hadouken causes wallbounce and thus juggle-able
o Can be performed in air

• Forward+Mid-attack overhead now special-cancelable (meaning interuptable by special attacks)

The presense of a power-up super makes Ryu a much better assist character, as you can perform his power up, swap him out and depending on which assist move you choose, you can have projectiles that A) do more damage, and B) pass through other projectiles on screen, cancelling them out. This would allow you to get in close on a character attempting to zone (or keep you away) from them.

The change to Shinkuu Hadoken brought on by the power-up super would be a major boost to Ryu as well. Let me run through a few scenarios that would demonstrate this: Take a character with a super that knocks the opponent into the air such as Amaterasu’s Okami Shuffle, and your next character on your roster is Ryu, leaving you with very few DHC (or quick swapping a character to immediately follow up a super attack with a different character’s at the cost of another super meter) options. But after this change, with the power-up active, the Shinkuu Hadoken reflects off walls – meaning the beam would fire straight ahead, hitting the wall and reflect up to smash into the falling character. The same could also be said of Team Hyper Combos, as normally if one part of the move knocks a character into the air, Ryu’s portion is normally wasted – but with the change, the damage would simply reflect up and possibly kill the target.

I don’t think I really need to explain the implications of a chargable Hadoken that turns invisible and hits instantly, but I’ll attempt to anyway. Say you have very low life with Ryu as your only remaining character. You’re attempting to play a zoning or keep away game by throwing out as many Hadokens (projectile attacks) as you can. You throw a few normal Hadokens, but your opponent is slowly advancing towards you, blocking each one. You alter the tempo by charging the hadoken and he continues to move towards you, perhaps even jumping. You release the hadoken and he doesn’t have time to react to the invisible attack, creating an opening where you dash forward and counter attack, reseting the situation. In the same situation you could also charge a Shoryuken(anti-air uppercut) for when your opponent jumps, expecting the hadoken, knocking down and doing a significant chunk of damage. This could also be performed in the air, offering further options.

Overall, Ryu is set to be a contender for any team in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and not a low-tiered character like he is now.

Hype Worthy Moment

Today, we have an interview done by Screw Attack with Street Fighter 4’s director Yoshinoro Oro about the future of the franchise, one which will have a very direct effect on the competitive community!

That’s it for today’s dail-E! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for my weekly E-Sports Editorial!

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