Dyad coming to PC this week

Dyad — formerly a PS3 exclusive — finally has its PC release date. Speaking to fans via a YouTube video, Dyad developer Sean McGrath announced the abstract racer will be coming to PC on April 24, just two days from now.

As McGrath acknowledged, this isn't the March release he promised, but explained that the game's delay was largely due to him recently becoming a father.

"There a lot of work," he said, joking, "Who knew? Did you know they suck 24 hours out of 24 hours from you for the first few weeks that they're alive?"

Love gaming, but thinking of possibly becoming a father? Maybe you should watch McGrath's video in which he announces Dyad's PC release and gives some tips on parenthood.

As for the PC version of Dyad, it will be available through Steam, GOG, and the game's website this week. It has everything the PS3 version has except a platinum trophy since those don't exist on PC. If you haven't yet played the game on PS3, definitely give it a shot on PC. In GameZone's review of the game, Robert Workman wrote, "DYAD is one of the most viscerally enthralling music/puzzle games you’ll come across."