Dustforce level editor launches May 1 for free

Dustforce is an awesome 2D platformer that you should play. The fact that it is such a well-crafted game should be reason enough to convince gamers to play. Now, though, developer Hitbox Team is sweetening the deal.

Dustforce is now getting a level editor so players can concoct their own wicked creations in the game. The level editor will arrive via free patch on May 1. That's right, free — as in you don't have to pay a single cent.

To make matters even sexier, the level editor looks pretty easy to use. Check out the trailer (above) to get an idea as to what you can expect when the creation tool goes live.

I dug Dustforce so much that I awarded it a great 8.5/10 score. Not only is the game a total blast to play, but it's pleasantly challenging and the music is amazing. If you haven't already, play it now. Or else.

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