Dungeonland now free-to-try with ‘Free Admission Edition’

Publisher Paradox Interactive has unveiled a free-to-try version of the co-op action game Dungeonland, which debuted on PC early this year.

The Free Admission Edition is not the full game — that all-access pass costs $5 on Steam (regular $10). But curious players can dive into the free areas with up to three players, with a fourth assuming the role of Dungeon Maestro.

Players can also earn Steam Trading Cards as of today.

The "DM Tower" is available for free. “Cannibal Kingdom,” “Arcane Kingdom,” and “Infinite Dungeon" are only accessible with a purchase.

Dungeonland sends players — as Rogues, Warriors, or Mages — to a deadly medieval theme park where they must loot, destroy, and survive the wrath of the Dungeon Maestro.