Dumbledore’s brother Ciaran Hinds cast as Steppenwolf in Justice League

Mance Rayder Vs. Superman?

Over the weekend, it was announced that actor Ciaran Hinds would be cast as Steppenwolf in the upcoming Justice League film. It will be a largely CGI character with mostly voice overs, which Hinds has a lot of experience in with roles such as Frozen.

Hinds played Mance Rayder in HBO's Game of Thrones for several seasons, and will now be tasked with taking down the entire Justice League. Well, that escalated quickly, huh? As a super villain, it's hard to use a standard actor and still portray that menacing look, so his depiction on screen will be mostly motion capture similar to Josh Brolin and Thanos in the Marvel universe. 

Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle in the DC comic universe. In Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice it was originally believed that Darkseid was the villain, especially considering the easter egg in Batman's dream sequence. When Steppenwolf was confirmed as the main character, it was a bit surprising considering the amount of haste Warner and DC have put into production. Most felt they would simply skip Steppenwolf in favor of Darkseid himself, and were relieved to have some sense of continuity when we found out that it was he that Lex Luthor was referrring to in the prison cell. 

Fan artist Bosslogic, upon hearing the news, put out his own drawing of what he would like to see Steppenwofl displayed as and it looks pretty great so far. We haven't seen anything yet from Warner on Steppenwolf, and to be honest I dont' want to before the film releases. Dawn of Justice was ruined with Doomsday's reveal, among other things with the film, and hopefully Warner learns from its mistake with Justice League. Check it out below and let us know what you think.