Duke Nukem Demo Will be Available to “Everybody”

Gearbox’s Steve Gibson, speaking to Digital Spy (via Eurogamer), has revealed that the Duke Nukem Forever demo, originally thought to be exclusive to those who purchased the Borderlands GOTY edition which releases this week, will actually be made available to the public at large:

“When we put Borderlands out this wasn’t even possible to do or contemplate. So that’s kind of difficult, but yeah, the demo is coming out for everybody. We want people to know that, ‘Holy crap, they’re actually making plans! These guys are making concrete plans, they’re are putting stuff in a box already with Duke’s face on it’ It’s actually like a certificate, and you’ll see that it’s like ‘In Duke We Trust’. It’s fun. We’re thrilled to death.”

Is Duke Nukem even relevant at this point? I guess the world will know very soon. No pressure or anything, guys…