Duke Nukem reveal coming next month

Bets on a remake.

It appears as though we better strap ourselves in because the "King" is back. It appears as though we can look forward to some kind of announcement for Duke Nukem next month. The game's official site has a countdown teasing that 'something' is coming.

The only real hint we have is that it's a 20th Anniversary Announcement, which likely means that Duke Nukem 3D is getting a remake. Why this game? Well, it released in 1996 – which makes it 20 years old. On top of the game being 20, it got pulled from Steam a couple of months ago.

In addition to the countdown, Duke Nukem just set up his Twitter account. The twitter account is everything you'd expect from someone playing with a Duke Nukem soundboard. Even the official Facebook page for Duke Nukem said the tweets might be "offensive" and to proceed with caution… So consider yourself warned.