DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold

Dungeons Deep and Puzzling Await
the Exterminator!

April 20th, 2005 (Washington, USA) –
Caravel Games
  announced today that the sequel to the original
Deadly Rooms of Death, or DROD, is now available for download and purchase from
their website. Purchase currently includes a one-year membership providing
access to online features. Though similar in style to fantasy role-playing
games, DROD is about solving difficult puzzles while exploring a vast dungeon.
DROD makes you think before you swing at every step!

Beethro, dungeon exterminator
extraordinaire, is at it again! This time with the help of his nephew, Halph, he
is delving deeper into the king’s dungeon. Questions quickly arise: Who has been
building new levels to this dungeon? How far down does it go? Beethro discovers
that a secret civilization is hard at work building tunnels on an insane quest
for knowledge. To learn what these wack-jobs are up to, Beethro must descend
further than ever before, carving his way through an onslaught of pests. Plot is
advanced through vocal and written dialogue sequences. You’ll flee from a
hook-wielding narcissist sent to kill you! You’ll rescue your ungrateful nephew
from goblins! You’ll have confusing arguments with a bizarre pit-dwelling

DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold takes
the story of an RPG and places the hero in a series of dungeon-based puzzles.
Hack and slash your way through hordes of monstrous roaches, snakes, and other
baddies, without getting trapped or killed. You’ll have potions, explosives,
tunnels, and your good nephew Halph to aid you. Traverse through over 350
dungeon rooms across 25 floors of the funniest, brain-twisting adventure ever!
Online features now allow you to compete against other players, publish your own
levels, watch movies of other people playing, and download over 4000 additional
rooms to play.

The demo for DROD: Journey to Rooted
Hold is available from the Caravel Games website at
and gamezone.com


The original DROD is also available from the same
website absolutely free. Good luck and happy exterminating!