Driveclub PS Plus Edition ‘hardly a demo’; releasing same day as full version

Evolution Studios' new creative director Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed that Driveclub: PS Plus Edition will be available on the same day, at the same time as the regular, full-priced retail version. When Sony announced the release date of Driveclub on PS4, there was some question surrounding the free PlayStation Plus version that was originally planned. Though Sony confirmed there would still be a PS Plus Edition, we weren't sure when it would arrive. Now we know.

"I’d also like to confirm that the PS Plus Edition of the game will be available on the same day as the full release," announced Game Director Paul Rustchynsky. "Offering a selection of cars and tracks from the complete version, we think it’s the perfect way for those new to the genre to get an idea of what the full Driveclub experience is all about."

Rustchynsky was also quick to defend that Driveclub: PS Plus Edition is "hardly a demo" because you'll have access to all of the game's features online and offline. The only difference, he says, is that you'll only have 10 cars and you can only race in one country which gives you access to five tracks with 11 distinct variants. Rustchynsky also confirmed that you won't be able to play through the entire single player in the PS Plus Edition because it "doesn’t include all of the cars and tracks that you’ll need to complete Driveclub Tour." Dont worry though, you'll still be able to earn that coveted Platinum Trophy without completing the Tour.

Back in July of last year, Evolution Studios said Driveclub: PS Plus Edition would be the exact same as the full retail version minus "a few assets." Though all of the modes are included in the free version, I think a pool of just 10 cars and a limited number of tracks could get very boring, very quickly.

On the plus side (pun not intended), at least you'll get a discount to upgrade to the full digital edtion from the PS Plus edition.

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