Driveclub coming to PS4 in June?

It seems as though PlayStation 4 owners are going to have to wait a few more months before getting behind the wheel of Evolution Studio's Driveclub. Although the game was originally planned as a PS4 launch title, it was delayed shortly before the system's November launch. At the time Sony simply left the release window as "early 2014," with many interpreting that as sometime around February to coincide with the PS4's launch in Japan. Turns out the wait could be much longer.

A Facebook post from PlayStation Official Magazine Italy suggests Driveclub won't be released until June of this year. 

"We have a "feeling" that #DriveClub's coming in June, but don't tell that to anyone…" The translated post reads. It's worth noting that while this is PlayStation Magazine, it's not absolutely confirmed as the message doesn't come directly from Sony or Evolution Studios. To that end, there's a chance it could release sooner but seeing as how we've heard very little about the game in recent weeks, I'd suspect it to be true.