Dreamhack’s 2012 Schedule Revealed

Today Dreamhack announced their 2012 circuits, It will be an international circuit consisting of 4 circuit events and 1 grand finals at the end of the year at Dreamhack Winter. The events will be in the same order as in last year, starting off with Dreamhack Stockholm, followed by Dreamhack Summer and then Dreamhack Valencia. The new addition this year will be the Bucharest stop in October.

It also seems that Dreamhack Stockholm dates will be coliding with MLG Spring Arena, although MLG Winter Arena still managed to be succesful when it was held at the same time as Assembly, Dreamhack is definately an event of higher caliber and Dreamhack Stockholm was one of the most praised events last year. It is left to see how the two organizers will be effected by this collision.

DreamHack Open – Stops:
DreamHack Open: Stockholm – April 21-22
DreamHack Open: Summer – June 16-19
DreamHack Open: Valencia – September 21-23
DreamHack Open: Bucharest – October 27-28

DreamHack Open – Grand Finals:
DreamHack Open: Winter – November 22-25