DreamCatcher Games Releases New Screenshots for Neverend

September 1, 2006

Games Releases New Screenshots for Neverend

DreamCatcher Games today released 7 new
screenshots for its Fantasy RPG Neverend for Windows

Explore the vast and enchanted world of Neverend,
a world filled with action, magic and adventure. Playing the role of Agavaen, a
mysterious young woman with magical powers, you will travel through bustling
towns, towering castles, ancient ruins and lush landscapes on a journey to
discover your true identity. Arming yourself with powerful weapons and spells
you will be confronted by enemies who will do everything they can to prevent you
from completing your quests. All your actions will have direct consequences to
the way you are perceived by others. Act maliciously and embark on your quest
from the dark side. Help others and bring them comfort, and you will travel on
the path of light…

Neverend PC screenshots
Click here to see new screenshots for Neverend.

Your destiny awaits you…

Developed by Mayhem Studios, Neverend has an ESRB
rating of ‘T’ for Teen and will begin hitting store shelves in September 2006.