DreamCatcher Games Obscure Goes Gold for North America

DreamCatcher Games’
Goes Gold for North America


March 23, 2005 – DreamCatcher Games today announced
has reached gold status for
North America. The Survival Horror game will be available for

the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system,
the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and for Windows®
29, 2005.


In the vain of
Hollywood’s popular horror movie genre,
tracks a group of five high school students who discover the
halls they walk each day are anything but safe. A string of mysterious
disappearances and unexplained events set the stage for a night more horrifying
than any trip to detention…



offers a wide range of gameplay options to see gamers through their night of
terror. Players customize their action experience, interchanging between any
characters at any time, utilizing the unique skills and abilities of each
student. Controlled AI settings of defense, attack and help, allow characters to
assist each other during combat and while solving puzzles.


The game also offers single or
team play, with a second player able to enter or exit the game at any time for a
unique co-op experience. Obscure
is also one of the first survival horror games to propose a full cooperative
mode: a second player can take control of another student and work together to
fight monsters and resolve puzzles, adding a new level of challenge to the game.


Stress runs high as players
are constantly vulnerable to attack,
even when they least expect it! Monsters a
face their share of vulnerability when players combine conventional weapons with
natural and artificial light, exploiting their weak spots. A “black aura”
feature intensifies stress, making dangerous elements visible on screen through
real-time graphic effects. To keep the player fully immersed in virtual panic,
dynamic camera settings allow for complete freedom of movement, making it
possible to shoot and move simultaneously.

Developed by Hydravision, Obscure
is rated of ‘M’ for Mature. For more information, or to download the demo, visit


About DreamCatcher Games:

Games is a fast-growing worldwide publisher and distributor of interactive
entertainment software committed to release action, strategy and role-playing
games on Windows®, PlayStation®2 and Xbox® gaming systems. Its large portfolio
of games includes the critically acclaimed title Painkiller, a popular and
best-selling action shooter game.

More information
about DreamCatcher Games and its products can be found at



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