Draw Something offers to insert words paid for by advertisers

Following reports that Draw Something's daily active users dropped by nearly four million, Zynga is exploring new ways to increase revenue streams with its popular Pictionary-like game.

According to a report by Ad Age, the social games giant is inserting advertisers' paid terms into the game for players to draw. There is a good possibility the next word you draw could have been inserted with advertiser's dollars.  The National Hockey League is among the first to buy terms related to hockey like "puck", "Zamboni", "hat trick", and "slap shot".  The NHL has been posting some of those drawings to Pinterest.

What's starting with just the NHL could spread quickly to other companies like Coca-Cola or Doritos.  I personally don't see a problem with this.  Those words are often used in our everyday vocabulary anyway, so why not have them in the game to draw.

Previously, the free version of the app only showed advertisement banners at the bottom, with no advertisements appearing on the purchased app.  Do you see a problem with company paid words in Draw Something?

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