Draw Something loses 4 million active users

Popular mobile game Draw Something which exploded onto the mobile gaming scene is shedding players at an alarming rate.  According to a BBC report, the game's daily active users (DAU) has dropped from around 14.3 million to 10.4 million between April 2nd and May 2nd.

10 million users is still nothing to scoff at, but to lose nearly four million users in a month has to be at least somewhat alarming to Zynga who recently purchased the game for $210 million from the struggling OMGPOP.

Last month, Zynga announced that the game had been downloaded 50 million times in the 50 days since its launch.  At the time of the sale, it was reported that Draw Something was raking in about $250,000 a day.

Here's my big problem with the game (aside from people cheating and writing words in their drawings): there's no real way to measure yourself against others.  Add some leaderboards, some stats, something for me to compare myself to my friends.  It's not enough to just draw and guess.  I need some stats.