Dragon Quest X Will Include Usage Fees

Square Enix recently delivered the goods on their big Dragon Quest announcement, revealing the next entry in the long-running RPG franchise. Dragon Quest X is currently slated for launch on the Wii sometime in 2012, and a Wii U version will also be launching after. But there are still a few questions regarding the upcoming online RPG.

One thing a lot of gamers are wondering about is the supposed usage fee that Square Enix hinted at following their presser. Like so many other MMOs and MMO-type games, will Dragon Quest X require players to shell out some cash to play the game, which has already been confirmed to require a constant internet connection? According to a Square Enix FAQ, the company will indeed charge gamers to play the game.

The company has yet to settle on a specific price, but we’ll likely hear more about the game’s usage fees as Dragon Quest X nears its release date. As I mentioned in my previous Dragon Quest X post, charging Japan a usage fee for online play doesn’t necessarily mean that other regions will also have to pay. Monster Hunter Tri was completely free to play online here in North America, while Japanese gamers were required to pay a fee to enjoy the game’s online component.

According to the FAQ, gamers will be required to make separate payments in order to engage in Dragon Quest X online. Square Enix confirmed that only the initial hours of the game will be playable offline. In other words, the Japanese gamer base should be prepared to pay additional fees aside from the game’s original price in order to play Dragon Quest X in its entirety.