Dragon Ball: Origins Ships, New Launch Trailer Now Available!

November 4, 2008


– Atari Ships First
Action-Adventure Dragon Ball Game Featuring Goku and Bulma as Kids –

Atari powers its way into North
American retailers today with the release of the latest hit from the Dragon
Ball® franchise, Dragon Ball®: Origins for Nintendo DS™. Developed by NAMCO
BANDAI Games Inc., Dragon Ball: Origins takes players back to the original
Dragon Ball series and around the world for a thrilling action-adventure game
with innovative stylus controls. Marking the first ever Dragon Ball game to
feature Goku and Bulma as kids, and filled with several new gameplay elements
including puzzle solving, fighting action, and mazes, Dragon Ball: Origins will
be an essential and unique part of any Dragon Ball collection. Rated T for Teen,
Dragon Ball: Origins is now available for the suggested price of $29.99.

Presenting an all-new story line
that takes place before the Dragon Ball Z sagas, Dragon Ball: Origins introduces
Goku and his clever sidekick Bulma who must travel the world overcoming enemies
and obstacles to collect the 7 Dragon Balls. Players control Goku in two modes:
Combat and Power Pole mode. Each mode allows Goku a new set of enemy attacks to
protect Bulma from incoming assaults while Bulma’s brains and her knack for
handling machines and weapons help the formidable team to defeat the strongest
of enemies and overcome the trickiest of obstacles.

Dragon Ball: Origins immerses fans
with vibrant 3D graphics on both screens and further pulls players into the
spectacular universe with the lively humor well-known to Dragon Ball games. This
unique action-adventure game includes dozens of challenging puzzles and
problem-solving obstacles, as well as plenty of room for exploration and
treasure hunting – with, of course, an array of enemies on which to practice
signature Dragon Ball fighting elements.

Through Goku and Bulma’s travels,
players can progress through the game using the stylus to direct the character,
control action, and unleash a variety of attacks. For example, a double tap on
Goku followed by tapping on the Ka-me-ha-me-ha letters unleashes his famous
devastating move. Another DS feature available for the first time in a Dragon
Ball title is a unique wireless exchange, which will enable players to
wirelessly trade items, vehicles, costumes and weapons.

The immensely popular Dragon Ball Z®
series is the gold standard of anime-based video games, with more than 30
different games and over 12.7 million units sold since May 2002.

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Ball: Origins