Dragon Age II Player Banned for Calling EA a “Devil”

Sometimes video game publishers take matters a tad too far. A Dragon Age II player was recently banned from playing the PC version of the game for his use of “foul language.” On BioWare’s forum page, player “v_ware” made a remark toward EA that caused the problem: “Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?”

Though the ban itself was supposed to keep v_ware off the message boards for 72 hours, he was unable to activate a copy of Dragon Age II due to his account suspension, thus making it impossible for him to start up the game. When contacted by v_ware, BioWare sent the user a copy of the site’s terms and services notice, essentially ignoring his plea to play the game he already purchased.

The ban was recently lifted by EA and deemed a “mistake.” Mistake or not, this was a pretty shady move on EA’s part. By suspending the player’s account, they also wasted his money. Now, I don’t go around calling publishers devils, but if I did, I’d be pretty perturbed if I was prevented from playing a game by the publisher that made it.

EA, you’re digging yourself into a hole with this one. First you put useless restrictions on upcoming games, and now you ban a gamer from playing one of your published games because he called you a “devil.” I can almost see a trend developing: “GameZone News Writer Banned by EA for Writing Critical Article.”

In all seriousness, EA needs to lighten up a bit in terms of their account requirements. Banning a gamer from playing a purchased title and then calling it an “accident” isn’t justified any way you slice it.