Dragon’s Lair: The Movie has reached its crowdfunding goal

Stretch goals will be added

Thanks to the people who supported Dragon’s Lair: The Movie on Indiegogo, the campaign has reached its goal of $250,000 and now the team can get to work.
Back in October, creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman came together to ask the people through the crowdfunding platform — Kickstarter to help them fund the Dragon’s Lair movie. Since then, they have canceled the Kickstarter campaign and switched over to Indiegogo, another crowdfunding platform, where they lowered their price $550,000 to $250,000.
This campaign doesn’t promise them a full fledged movie though, but now that they reached their goal, Bluth and Goldman can get to work on creating a pitch to sell to Hollywood investors. Both creators expect that the entire film will cost $70 million when they officially wrap up production.
Bluth and Goldman recently put up a thank you video, which you can watch above, to everyone who supported their campaign. They did mention that there will be stretch goals and more updates to come soon, so keep an eye out on their Indiegogo page.
If you want to help support the film, you can click here.