Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is $40 because of ‘technical limitations’

If you're wondering why Capcom wants you to pay $40 all over again for a game you bought last year (plus its expansion), senior vice president Christian Svensson is blaming "major technical limitations."

You won't be able to download Dark Arisen, the add-on pack due for Dragon's Dogma on April 23, by itself although that's the delivery method the developer would have "preferred."

"The original game was just not designed to be expanded (no hooks in the original code) and so a full-game delivery mechanism was the only option," wrote Svensson.

"We also tried to explore a number of mechanisms to try and otherwise put this full product in original owners' hands at a discount digitally, but we would have run afowl [sic] of a few first-party policies (not any first party’s fault, t’was our fault)," he wrote.

Svensson hopes the extra rewards (100,000 rift crystals, for example) the team has packed in for owners of the standard Dragon's Dogma will be "a sufficent [sic] 'thank you'" for the cost given the development issues.

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