Dragon’s Crown fixes and adds features with latest patch, offers high-level skill suggestions

Dragon's Crown has been keeping players busy with multiple difficulty modes, ensuring that players on top of their game when it comes to the Inferno difficulty.

Vanillaware has patched up the game to fix a few bugs, and added some new features to make the game a bit more accessible, especially for those on the PS3, without the ability to use a touchscreen.

Patch Notes

[Bug Fixes]

  • Stabilized network connectivity during online gameplay.

[New Features]

  • Hidden items can now be uncovered by simply moving the finger cursor over their location.
  • The item hotkeys can now also be accessed by holding the L1 Button (PS3)/L Button (PSVita).
  • Dagger and Bomb items can now be thrown diagonally by pressing Up on the Left Stick + Triangle button.
  • An option to fix all items at once in your bags has been added to Morgan's item shop.
  • In the Options Menu, you can now select the area you wish to be matched in for online play.

[Feature modifications]

  • Arrow drops will increase according to how many Elf characters are in the party.
  • The visibility of inventory Runes while the player is near the bottom of the screen has been improved.
  • Other tuning and minor improvements to various gameplay elements were made.

And for those honing their skills in Inferno mode, getting to that level cap, Atlus has made these helpful Strategy Cards which list the best combos of skills for each character.