Dragon Quest Monsters tops Japanese charts

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D ruled the charts this past week in Japan.

The game, a remake of the 1998 Game Boy Color original, sold over half a million copies and doubled 3DS sales. It represents the first entry in Square Enix's series to appear on the 3DS and is one of the fastest selling third-party titles for the handheld so far.

3DS hardware sales rocketed from 55,212 units in the previous week to 101,075 because of Terry's Wonderland 3D. Meanwhile, Vita sales in Japan crawled from 6,675 to 7,551, likely in anticipation of Persona 4 Golden — coming June 14 in Japan and October 23 here in North America.

Take a look at the top ten Japanese sellers (from May 28 through June 3), via Andriasang:

01. Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D (Square Enix)
02. Dragon’s Dogma (Capcom)
03. Mario Tennis Open (Nintendo)
04. Mario Party 9 (Nintendo)
05. Guild 01 (Level-5)
06. Fist Of The North Star Pachislot (Sega)
07. Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo)
08. Soukoku No Kusabi Hiiro No Kakera 3 Ashita E No Tobira (Idea Factory)
09. Fire Emblem Awakening (Nintendo)
10. Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo)

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