Dragon Age Keep lets you customize a world, import it into Dragon Age Inquisition

Wondering how your decisions from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II will carry over to Dragon Age Inquisition? Yea, so are we; luckily for us, BioWare announced their plans today on how they're doing that. All of the decisions you made in the past two games — who you killed, who you romanced — they're all important in forging the world of Dragon Age Inquisition

And so BioWare announced the Dragon Age Keep.

With the Dragon Age Keep, players will customize a "Dragon Age historical world state to your exact specifications." However you modified Warden and Hawke, whoever your companions were, that's all part of the legacy you've forged in the previous games. 

The post on BioWare's blog goes on to say, "Within the Keep, you'll be able to customize as much or as little about the world of Thedas as you wish. Then you'll be able to import your saved world state into DAI at the start of a new game. Have you lost or corrupted your save files? No problem — remake your world state on the Keep, and preserve it for the future. For those folks new to the Dragon Age franchise, the Keep will serve as a great way to understand the people, places, and events that shaped the world leading up to DAI."

As for actually importing your save games so you don't have to recreate what happened through two games, they said, "We are continuing to investigate ways in which save files from previous games could be used to populate the initial world state of the Dragon Age Keep." 

If you're interested in applying for the Dragon Age Keep beta, you can do so HERE. Dragon Age Keep will launch for everyone in 2014. 

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