Download a frozen treat for your PC!

December 20, 2005

Download a frozen treat for your

Summer is over and winter is here, replacing
popsicles and cool dips in the swimming pool with snowball fights and frosty

But you can still enjoy a frozen treat for
your computer! Ice Puzzle is a new game from Alawar Entertainment, a leading
publisher of downloadable games for the PC, in which you drag rows and columns
of sparkling gems in order to create groups of three or more of the same
precious stone. As you create matches, you thaw out dolphins, polar bears and
other animals encased in ice.

When you rescue the adorable creatures, you
earn bonuses that can help you win. You can also collect trophies by generating
massive combos or performing other outstanding feats! In addition to the epic
Quest Mode, 100 brainteasers lie ahead in Logic Mode, in which you slide pieces
on a game board until you match a picture of the solution.

Visually striking, easy to play and offering
countless hours of addictive gameplay the entire family can enjoy, Ice Puzzle
will warm the hearts of casual players the world over.

What you get:

  • 100 levels in Logic mode

  • Advanced graphics options

  • Free upgrades and technical support

  • Hints and in-game help

  • Simple click-and-drag gameplay

  • Trophy case for storing achievements

  • Unlimited game time
    in Quest and Relax modes


to view screenshots and download the free trial version of Ice Puzzle. You can
also purchase the full version of Ice Puzzle online for $19.95.