Download the Lone Survivor OST on Bandcamp

It's great when games are both fun to play and awesome to listen to. Lone Survivor, a 2D survival horror game from indie developer Superflat Games recently launched, and it's been praised for doing just that. In other words, I need to play this game ASAP.

If you've played Lone Survivor, then you're aware of just how great the soundtrack is. And even though I've yet to play this incredible-looking title, I can attest to the soundtrack's quality, as well, because I just listened to some themes from the game on BandCamp.

My official verdict: Oh, hell yeah! Seriously, the music is enjoyably moody and atmospheric. The track "Where Is It Going" is easily one of my favorites. You can listen to the entire soundtrack for free or help Superflat Games out by purchasing it for $6.99.

Score this 18-track collection of impressive music now, and be sure to check out Lone Survivor, too. I know I'll be doing so in the near future.

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